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5 Simple Ways To Create A Super Team

oakstone international executive search 5 simple ways to create a super team

Super teams are not easy to create and even harder to sustain. It’s obviously a challenge for a lot of businesses and developing a winning culture isn’t going to happen overnight, but with these 5 tips you can get your business on the path to success:

1.       Set goals, beat them and celebrate it

Every team needs to have a set of shared objects and goals that everyone in the business can work towards together. These goals should be a variety of both attainable and challenging goals to keep your business driving forward. Reaching goals and objectives as a team creates a sense of accomplishment and inspires people appreciate the value of teamwork.

2.       Follow your core values – when you’re hiring and firing!

Every business has core values however putting them into action is the difficult part. These values need to be more than a page on your website, they need to be part of every aspect of your business including when you’re hiring and firing.

3.       Recognise and reward employee performance

Don’t let superstars ask for a pay rise – you should always appreciate a superstar’s value in your business and reward them for it, however not all rewards should be financial. 

4.       Be transparent

Transparency builds trust and confidence both inside and outside of a team, it also encourages cohesion and builds strong, hardworking teams.  To create strong teams you need to attract strong people and the only way to do this is to create great culture – transparency does this!

5.       Don’t sweep anything under the carpet

Office politics and conflict are inevitable in any team however it should never be brushed under the carpet and ignored. Managing conflict and office politics well is key to ensure that your team stays cohesive and continue to work brilliantly!

Creating and maintaining a super team is difficult and takes a tremendous amount of effort and time however the rewards make it worthwhile!

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