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6 Signs It May Be Time To Shift Gears In Your Career

oakstone international executive search 6 signs it may be time to shift gears in your career

Many people wake up in the morning dreading to go to work – not because of the company, people or responsibility but because of the actual role.  You may have worked 10 years in one industry but it doesn’t mean you cant change your direction completely, especially if you have a desire in another field.

Here are 7 signs it may be time to change careers…

1.       You feel sick

No one loves every minute of every day at work and everyone has complete ‘off days’, however it is not ok to feel like you’re having an ‘off day’ every day.

Here are some warning signs:

-          You feel anxiety on a Sunday evening

-          Your energy is depleted

-          You clock watch at work

2.       You’re disinterested

You are spending increasing time googling things, spending time on news websites and online shopping.  Anything seems better than doing the actual ‘job’.  Your internet habits may be telling you something.

3.       You’re bored

If you’re not continuously learning you’re falling behind – making your job extremely boring and repetitive.

4.       Things have changed and no longer fit you

There was once a time when you were happy to drop everything if you needed to outside of work hours, but your life has changed, and you now have outside of work responsibilities. Not all careers stay relevant to every stage of your life.

5.       The dynamic has changed

Whether it’s rules, working hours or leadership that has changed – company dynamics change everyone’s views and perceptions on companies.  If the dynamic, no longer works for you its time to change companies but its also down to you to assess whether it’s the company which has changed or the industry you’re working in.

6.       You’re only there for the money

For many in a high-paying roles it can feel like you’re locked in a golden cage.  You may live a comfortable lifestyle, but your unhappiness drastically outweighs the financial benefits.  If you feel you’re heart isn’t it it’s important to ask yourself if the work and sacrifices are worth the pay check.

Whatever stage you are in your career – it is never too late to try something new!