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Are Job Switchers Earning More?

oakstone international executive search are job switchers earning more?

The simple answer is YES.

Research mentioned in a Forbes article in 2014 highlights that employees who stay in companies longer than two years get paid 50% less in their careers than those who move around.

If this isn’t enough motivation to be open to new opportunities, then I don’t know what is.

When a new opportunity comes by grab it with both hands! All too often people are given fantastic opportunities and they pass them by because they are comfortable and unmotivated.

People are worried that changing jobs too often will reflect negatively on resumes and CV’s, and sometimes it does however this is heavily dependent on what industry and what role you have and work in.

Employers judge and scrutinise every aspect of your CV and resume so they can find the right person for the role, however as long as you have explanations as to why you have moved, there are no issues surrounding this at all.

We’re not saying change jobs every 2 years, we’re saying that when a great opportunity arises that suits your needs and wants, don’t let it pass you by! Find out all the information about the role before dismissing it.

For you employers out there – people today are getting less and less motivated by compensation alone and more motivated by the work they’re doing and the company culture and other non-financial benefits.

Moving companies can gain you a considerable increase in pay however it’s not simply the pay you should be looking at. Time is a valuable asset – the next 3-5 years will define the next 10 -15 of your career.

There are of course more aspects to an opportunity you should consider than money. Qualify every aspect and don’t make long term career decisions for short term benefits.

If you are motivated by money, your salary still shouldn’t be your main motivator! Assess the earning potential and the company you are working for.  You may move companies for the same salary, but the earning potential could be double at one vs. the other!

Competitive roles can really see a boost in pay however this isn’t the same for everyone.  Industries where the market isn’t changing so rapidly might not see such a bump up, however having discussions with recruiters and finding out more about potential opportunities can only be a positive thing.