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A Great Recruiter or a Great Recruiter in Your Industry?

a great recruiter or a great recruiter in your industry

I recently read a blog with the title ‘should my recruiter have specific industry knowledge?’ and this recruiter argued that, no they don’t need to because the company spends at least 30 minutes speaking with you either on the phone or face to face asking questions about what your ideal candidate would look like, in terms of both skills and experience, what your company culture is like and what values are important to you.

What’s wrong with this?

Firstly, half an hour or even 5 hours is not enough to understand your industry (no matter what industry you’re in), if it was, everyone would be an expert in every industry.  In addition, your internal recruiters, who have industry knowledge, haven’t been able to find someone for this role, so how well will someone with no industry experience do?

This blog then went on to say that understanding your culture is more important than understanding your industry. Would it not be great to have an external recruiter partner than understands both?  By having a partner who understands your industry and culture they instantly know where to start their executive search and can go about telling your ‘story’ effectively, presenting the opportunity accurately with great industry knowledge. Having a recruitment partner is an investment and you need them to be an extension of your business.  They need to understand every aspect of your business not just part of it.

World class recruiters are situated all over the globe, some of the world best known firms are probably some of the most expensive, however companies which have funding to spend on new talent often work with these companies as they are seemly trustworthy and ‘safe’ however our experience says differently.  These firms are working on roles in every industry from retail to banking.  How does this experience relate to you?

We’ve worked on roles before which have previously been worked on by some of the world’s leading firms and they have failed – only for us to pick them up and fill them within a few weeks.  Why? because they don’t have the industry knowledge, they don’t know where to look and they don’t know who to approach.

We’re specialists in the SaaS, Technology and Fintech industries because we know our field – better than anyone else!

With our extensive network, tenure and 25 years of experience in the industry Oakstone can quickly source suitable, highly qualified candidates for your business, which internal recruiters may not.

We believe in creating global networks of talented people for market leaders in SaaS and Financial Services. We do what we do because we care about the people we find to work for your business, we want them to believe what your business believes in, so they are passionate about the opportunities you have to offer them.

We have worked with hundreds of US based companies to help expand their business and brand in Europe and our testimonials, case studies and NPS Score are all reflections of our success and ability to help a company like yours.

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