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How To Recruit The Best Sales People

oakstone international executive search how to recruit the best sales people

Great salespeople are driven, motivated and serious about money.  They’ll work hard to hit their targets, so you need to work hard to meet theirs.

Money might be at the top of the list, but it is far from the whole picture. There are other factors which must be right if you want a sales superstar to leave their company and join yours.

Get the key elements right

Money is not enough – yes having a great basic and OTE is important but there needs to be more.

Do you offer great career development? If so, does this align with the individuals goals?

Is your company’s leadership right for them? Your leadership will be one of the deciding factors when a person decides whether or not to join your business. Do you have the quality and depth of management needed to attract the very best players? Everyone thinks they do but very few are afraid to admit when they don’t.

You need to be able to command respect when it comes to top players – they know they’re good, so you must know that you can add value to their career.  You also need to be able to work the typical triggers that will make them want to join your business.

What makes salespeople move?

The factors most likely to make their feet itch relate to trouble at work:

-          Compelling events – this includes company’s performance or a negative change in management or leadership.  Company merges and acquisitions can also be considered negative in some cases.

-          Territory dilution – this can often happen when a company expands and people’s happy hunting ground becomes less happy.

-          A decrease or feared decrease in earning opportunities – Salespeople always want to earn and when there is a decrease in that potential their likely to look elsewhere.


-          Time kills all deals – every delay makes it less likely that the big move will go ahead. To get people on board you need to work quickly and make informed but swift decisions.  Delaying reduces trust and can damage your company’s reputation.