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Recruiter Monogamy

oakstone international executive search recruiter monogamy

There’s a big secret when it comes to successful relationships and that is monogamy -  whether it’s the relationship between husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or recruiter and client.

Some companies still firmly believe that more recruiters = more candidates = more chances of hiring someone great quicker, however they are sadly mistaken.  Here are the myths surrounding using multiple recruiters and where you’re going wrong!...

More recruiters = more candidates

There are two types of job candidates – active and passive.  Active candidates are actively seeking new opportunities, applying to positions which are advertised on job platforms or on your website.  The chances are these candidates will be applying to the same position multiple times via all your different recruitment partners – meaning you’ll be receiving the same CV’s multiple times.

Passive candidates however are people who are not actively looking for new opportunities but are open to them when approached.  Approaching passive candidates involves hard work and time. When a recruitment firm knows they have been retained on an exclusive basis, a full strategic plan will be put in place to ensure that you get their top candidates. Multiple firms, all working on a contingency basis, are just not going to put in the effort needed to produce stellar results.

Non-exclusive recruiters will often present good candidates to multiple clients at once, upping their chances of placing the candidate. This can result in a bidding war for talent and you may even lose out on an ideal candidate as a result. Conversely, an exclusive recruiter will submit candidates only to your company and work to convince top talent to accept your offer instead of others. Not only are you exclusive to your recruiter, but they are exclusive to you too.

Recruiter competition is a good thing

This does not make recruiters work harder. Giving a role to five different recruiters is saying that they have only 20% of your commitment. Why would a recruitment firm exchange 100% effort for only 20% of your commitment?

Show you’re committed to working with the right recruitment firm so they can commit the right time and effort into finding the right people for your business!

Multiple recruiters will help you hire someone faster

Working with multiple recruiters means juggling multiple relationships, going back to multiple firms with feedback, organising of interviews and phone calls and ultimately takes up more time, which costs you more money.  You could be receiving the same profiles of candidates too! If you prefer a more efficient and effective approach, work with one dedicated recruiter and you will only have to go through these processes once.

Our advice is to create a strong relationship with one trusted recruiter who works as an extension of your company – that way the recruitment firm can take the time to get to know you and the type of people you’re looking for, putting only the right people forward, saving you time and money!