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The Best Are Not Always The Best At Managing

oakstone international executive search the best are not always the best at managing

Recruitment and sales are tough industries.  They require driven individuals who are dedicated to themselves, their companies, their personal achievements and who are highly competitive.

Management however are different – these roles require people who are motivated by supporting their team and ensuring they, collectively, do the best they can.

The biggest mistake in the recruitment or sales industries is believing that the biggest biller will be the best manager. It can work but being great the biggest biller and leading people are two completely different roles – requiring different skills and mindsets to be successful.

Typically, promotions and managerial roles are given to the highest billers – they are doing the best and being a manager is seen as a promotion but is it?

Depending on what type of person you are, becoming a manager shouldn’t be seen as a promotion – yes, the title might seemingly be a promotion but if your motivations are money and billing the highest, managing people probably isn’t for you.

Managing people takes time and you need the ability to be able to support your team.

Hiring the wrong person into management is a lose-lose situation for everyone in the business – not only will their time be spent doing something they are not passionate about but other people will suffer by not having the right amount of support, not to mention the financial implications.

Senior managers need to take a step back and realise the qualities of each role are not the same.

The role of senior management in any sales or recruitment role is to coach people to establish what they want from their career and where they want to go with it early on – and to establish whether management will ever be right for them.

You can have a career in recruitment and sales without becoming a manager and still be successful.