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What Ever Happened to the Cover Letter?

oakstone international executive search what happened to the cover letter?

Blog By Josie Cozins

You are excited to have found what looks to be the perfect job and then spend all your time and efforts creating the perfect CV.

How many of you have then pretended to ignore the “Please submit CV & cover letter” or “Cover Letter Optional “ comment and gone ahead and submitted your CV without any introduction? 

I am currently receiving online applicants for 3 job posts, of the last 50 applicants only 2 candidates took the time to send a cover letter with their CV.  The job adverts all state that applicants will only be considered if they provide a CV and cover letter – Why then are so many people ignoring this?
I believe that people don’t understand how powerful the cover letter can be…….

Why is the Cover Letter important?

The cover letter is there to help you build a relationship with the hiring manager, it gives you a chance to have your say outside of the margins of your CV, it’s your time to stand out and to give an explanation in your own words as to why the company should give you the job – especially if the company have asked for this! 
Consider your cover letter to be like the start to the movie, are you sat on the end of your seat excited to find out what happens next or are you reaching for the remote to change the channel?!

Top tips for writing your Cover Letter:

  • Write a fresh cover letter for each job you apply for, don’t use a recycled generic letter

  • Include the hiring managers name making the letter more personal

  • The first paragraph of your letter and last sentence should be stand out showing passion and enthusiasm  - make the hiring manager remember you.

  • Don’t repeat the information already in your CV add additional information such as work ethic, personality and use past experiences and accomplishments to sell yourself as the perfect candidate.

  • Keep your letter brief, never go over one page

  • Make sure the letter is formatted well and check for spelling and grammar mistakes – if necessary get someone else to check over it for you first.

    You may ask yourself what is more important…. a CV which show cases the skills you have to do the job or a paragraph explaining why you want the job?  I believe that both are as important as each other so if you are applying for a job take the time to send that cover letter.