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Get to Know the Oakstone Team: Anna Faldowski

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Meet Oakstone Recruitment Consultant, Anna Faldowski

Why did you join Oakstone?

Really liked informal and relaxed  interview process, level of support company wanted to offer (helping me improving my English), I was able to leverage my internal recruitment experience and get to know process from different perspective

How long have you been here?

7 years in December

What’s the best thing about the management?

Supportive, flexible

Worse thing about management?

Having to constantly listen to Chris Rea’s “driving home for Christmas” from half of November till end of December – Pauls favourite

Describe the culture

Work hard play hard

What do you do in your spare time?

I don’t have any (see below)

What makes you laugh?

My daughter Sophie

What makes you angry?


What frustrates you?

People not doing what they said they will do

What your greatest strength?

I’m easy going, caring , always optimistic

What are your Weakness?

Lack of patience