Coupa Software has positioned itself as the only purpose-built-for-the-cloud spend management platform that unifies business processes across all the ways employees spend money.

It has:

  • grown 862 per cent in the last three years

  • been voted the 22nd fastest growing company in Europe

  • been named global winner of the Red Herring Top 100

  • been named Hottest Emerging Software Company in Europe.

Coupa’s Open Business Network has connected more than two million suppliers across the world.

Gartner has named Coupa as a leader in its Magic Quadrant for procure-to-pay suites.


Coupa was struggling to source new sales executives of sufficient calibre for its European operations.

The company had been working with nine different recruitment providers simultaneously in an attempt to attract the right people.

But this multiplicity of recruiters resulted in these providers concentrating on the ‘low hanging fruit’ then giving up – instead of persevering to source the best executives.

Oakstone’s Solution

Oakstone’s sourcing of high quality executives swiftly convinced Coupa that the fastest and best route to quality hires was to use only one executive search company (instead of nine).

Oakstone is Coupa’s sole supplier of executives across EMEA:

  • Coupa’s most successful salesperson globally in 2014

  • Coupa’s most successful salesperson globally in 2015

  • 97 per cent retention for all hires – having hired more than 25 people in the last 2.5 years (only one lost)

  • Hired entire teams from scratch in Germany, Benelux and the Nordic countries

  • Hired additional high achievers into the UK, France, USA and APAC

  • Hired leaders of EMEA and Professional Services.

Oakstone senior consultant Alice Willmott works solely on assisting Coupa with its executive search requirements.

This seamless Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution sees Alice spending three days a week at Coupa’s EMEA HQ in Dublin. She is part of the team there with her own Coupa email address and procurement account.


Coupa is driving growth with a higher calibre of new hires sourced across EMEA.

The company also benefits from greater efficiencies by outsourcing its executive search to just one provider:

Coupa Software CEO Rob Bernshteyn said: “Over the past four years, Oakstone has sourced many key hires for us in EMEA, across all departments – key managers, sales executives, pre-sales and professional services team members.

“Their focus on delivery, cultural fit, background checks, transparency and overall professionalism fits well with our own company ethos.

“This has reflected in the high retention of people we’ve hired through Oakstone,” he added.