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LogMeIn simplifies how people interact with each other and the world around them by driving meaningful insight, deeper relationships and better outcomes for all. The company has grown to become one of the world’s top 10 SaaS companies with a leadership position in every one of their markets.

With a platform that supports two million daily users, 200 million customer engagements and five billion voice minutes per year, LogMeIn have not only capitalized on, but helped invent the modern way of working – flexible, dispersed, mobile, efficient and productive.

Their easy-to-use products are adopted by professionals and leveraged by small to medium-sized businesses all over the world who are looking for increased insight into their customers’ journeys, simpler internal and external collaboration, and a more empowered workforce.

Original Requirements

LogMeIn’s original requirements were to hire enterprise sales people into their new major enterprise sales team that they were building as a new strategy in the company, from scratch. Logmein were struggling to attract the right talent due to them being current leaders in Remote desktop software rather than enterprise software.

Oakstone’s Solution

Our solution was to conduct a thorough search and constructing a presentation that emphasised the new focus for growth areas and importantly the calibre of the relevant new leadership team – this meant that people recognised the potential of the enterprise sales roles available at Logmein. By presenting the opportunity clearly and concisely, we were able to attract the right talent in a timely fashion, meeting the expectations of Logmein.

Further Requirements

As a result of the successful growth of the enterprise sales team, Logmein appointed us to fill a Sales Director role for which we successfully identified and secured the right person.

Benefits of using Oakstone

Oakstone are a recognised brand within the industry with a reputation for professionalism and we were able to inform and approach people about opportunities that Logmein could not do themselves. We were able to approach quality sales people, identify and understand what was important to them and position the opportunity that Logmein was presenting appropriately. Overall, Oakstone diminished the limitations LogMeIn had in enterprise sales and ensure they were able to secure the calibre of people they deserved.

14 hires, 100% delivery record.