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RPO With Oakstone

Typical Situation

Companies who have had an RPO with Oakstone have primarily been small to medium sized, high growth US SaaS companies who are expanding rapidly into EMEA due to successful growth and or funding rounds.

Original requirements

Our RPO clients have often started working with us on a retained or contingency basis, they needed assistance in finding talent for roles in EMEA for a variety of reasons. Usually these firms were struggling to find the right talent in EMEA and therefore needed a search firm which knew the territory well.

Further requirements

As a result of 5-10 successful hires under a contingency or retained agreement, our relationship and trust with these companies grows allowing us to work with them on a fully retained basis. During this time, internal recruiters at these companies moved onto new opportunities and the active roles that these recruiters were meant to be hiring for were left open and needed addressing urgently.  To deal with these roles as a priority and get them filled fast, new agreements were drafted between us to work on an RPO basis. Our RPO agreements were signed for 3 months with contracts being open to extension. During our RPO agreement we had an 80% success ratio as opposed to circa 30% received by the previous internal recruiters. During this time, we also helped them recruit internal recruiters and managed to shorten the hiring process by 50%. Once the internal recruiters were successfully in position and up and running, our RPO agreement reverted to retained agreements.

Benefits of using Oakstone

The benefits of using Oakstone are that we have over 25 years’ experience in the technology and software industry, with regular and trusted contact with the top 20% of commercial SaaS leaders in EMEA. We also proactively search for the right people for the position – we don’t rely on the right people coming to us.

Benefits of an RPO with Oakstone

Our Clients receive all the services an executive search firm offers but effectively for in internal recruiter investment. The best possible results and the benefits of both approaches to recruiting.

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