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Unica/ IBM

Having first been brought to my attention by one of my colleagues, we embarked on a relationship with Unica in mid June 2002, and they hired their first person with our help in the first week of August, six weeks later.

We continued to work closely with them and in particular their European MD, Curt Bloom, to assist in numerous hires into multiple functions and across several countries in Europe.

With the appointment of Chris Manton-Jones, who replaced Curt Bloom in the August of 2007, our involvement expanded with the continued success of Unica in Europe and the rest of the world.

Up to the point when IBM selected Unica as its target for acquisition (due to its leading position in the Marketing Campaign Management space in August 2010), we had recruited the lion’s share of Sales, Presales, and Marketing talent for Unica as well as a good number of their implementation team. This included key hires in the UK, France, Germany, Benelux, and Scandinavia.

Since the IBM acquisition, we have continued not only to recruit for the Unica business, but also have expanded our role to include recruiting further excellent people for other parts of the SmarterCommerce division, namely DemandTec and Coremetrics.

In all we have recruited in excess of fifty specialist people for this partner and continue to work closely with them. In 2016 Marketo was acquired by Vista Partners for $1.79 Billion.