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Why Use Oakstone International: Executive Search?oakstone executive search

NETWORK: Today virtually everyone can boast a large network; LinkedIn and other social media allow people to contact vast numbers of people. But most are simply that – ‘virtual contacts’.  Contrast that with Oakstone’s aggregated network. It has been built over more than 20 years and comprises more than 133,000 software industry specific people.

More important than the number is the fact that these are all people we have spoken with. We have built rapport, trust and credibility.  So they know through experience that a call from Oakstone is always one worth taking.

EXPERIENCE: Over the last 21 years the team at Oakstone has helped clients to build countless successful EMEA business units.

We have worked with scores of highly successful innovative software firms in the B2B application field.

Our experience in the sector is unparalleled.

ATTITUDE: We do it right and do it fast. We are highly competitive, focused and driven people with a clear client-centric approach.

We never forget that your success and our success are inextricably linked. They depend on us all sharing the right attitude.

KNOWLEDGE: Our knowledge of the space and recruitment is second to none. We talk to an average of 64 people per assignment – meaning that we:

DELIVERY: Unlike many international search firms, we are able to complete fast searches at all levels.

We will typically deliver a shortlist within three weeks of instruction. It will include a fully comprehensive and exhaustive search of the appropriate sector.

INTEGRITY: Oakstone’s attitude to integrity is uncompromising. We are always honest, transparent and ethical.

VALUE: Our service and delivery cannot be bettered. Our fees are highly competitive and we go the extra mile – for no extra cost.

CARE: We simply do.

To talk to executive search consultants with a difference and to find out more about our services please contact us on 0845 456 4849 or via email at info@oakstone.co.uk.

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