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6 Reasons to Consider a Lateral Career Move

Oakstone International executive search: 6 Reasons to consider a lateral career move

Making a sideways career move doesn’t make sense?

You’re wrong.  There are many reasons to take a lateral career move which could eventually mean propelling you into success in the future. Why should you take a lateral career move?

1.      There are too many people at your level in your company

Working in larger companies often means there are many people at the same level as you – doing the same role. When a promotional opportunity arises, you are then up against all of those people. Moving to another company but keeping the same position can equip you with the right platform to be in the best position to be promoted.

2.      Earning potential

Accepting a sales role with the same base salary as your current one seems a little silly – or is it? Sales role salaries shouldn’t be considered on face value, as we all know but sometimes forget, they are much more complicated than that.  Research what the earning potential is and what the targets are as you could be missing out on fantastic earning potential just because the base salary is the same. Do your research and ask the right questions.

3.      Boredom

Are you bored? It may be time to move companies which will involve working with new people, new clients and new ideas.  Working for a company that you are passionate about can be the key to success.

4.      Commute

Its surprising what an extra hour in your day can offer – less stress, more time to spend with your friends and family, time to exercise, the list could go on…

If your commute to and from work is longer than you like - moving companies to another closer to home could offer you surprising benefits. It’s more than enough reason to make a lateral career move.

5.      Leadership

If you worry that the leadership in your company isn’t offering you the very best mentorship you could be digging yourself a hole by staying with them. Taking a sideways move in this instance is understandable on every level – especially to new employers.  It also shows you value a mentor and are willing to be proactive towards learning from others – something which is attractive for hiring managers.

6.      Cost of living

Working in a big city has its perks, especially on your salary however making a lateral move into another company outside a large city can provide you with similar benefits without having to work in the city.  A lot of great companies now offer remote working so you can work from where ever you like with all the benefits of working in the city.