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Thinking of Expanding Your SaaS Company into a Different Region? Use This One Tip...

Oakstone International executive search:    Thinking of Expanding Your SaaS Company into a Different Region? Use This One Tip...

The technology and software space is expanding rapidly.  There are thousands of innovative products in AI, Big Data, Social Media, Marketing, Communications, Spend Management and the list goes on…

The market is growing faster than ever and the prospect of expanding into different regions is continuing to increase, which is great… but where do you start?

No matter where your company is based in the world, using the same approach to expand into a different region is not a smart move, read our blog about not using the ‘cookie cutter’ approach…

Users and potential customers are different everywhere, they have different needs and habits, more or less capital for investment, and then there is the issue of hiring the right people in that region to make it a success.

How can you increase your chances of successful international expansion?

You need the right people working with your company… you know the importance because you rely on these people in your current region, but how can you find these sales superstars half way across the world in a region you know little about?

Find the right recruitment partner

The right recruitment partner can offer you significant value, whether you’re hiring into a new region or expanding your current one.

You have modest or no experience hiring in this region so how should you approach it? It’s completely different. Do you know what the average salary is for a sales role in a specific country? Do you know what perks and benefits people expect? What are the critical cultural differences?

A great recruitment partner will know details about specific roles in specific locations if they have worked in that region before, they will also know about specific perks and benefits which are expected of people in that region and they will also know about what attracts people in those regions to new opportunities.

Finding the right recruitment partner who has experience hiring in a specific region for a specific role will make your chances of hiring dramatically more successful in many cases 100’s% greater.

They will know your competition and how easy or complex finding someone with your requirements is in that region.

The experience, skills and value a great recruiter will bring you are the most important aspect of expanding into a new region.

To ensure success you must have the right people!

Not all executive search companies are created equally

Executive search is complex.  Experience, skill, attitude and cohesion are all aspects which contribute to a great executive search company. Our advice? Qualify your executive search company and make sure they are acting as an extension of you and your business.  Ensure they are representing you and have the same core-values, morals, business acumen, reputation and care as you do. For more information on how to qualify executive search firms download our ‘sourcing candidates’ recruitment guide…