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Honesty Is And Always Will Be The Best Policy

In recent months we’ve been asked to support our partners in finding inside sales people. These typically aren’t the most profitable of requirements we work on, compared to the popular senior VP’s and country managers .

However, to maintain our partnership we will cover all roles – the problem is the volume of people we have to engage with that are dishonest, unprofessional and lacking in basic decency.

If you’re a superstar VP, you had to start somewhere – the likelihood is that it was inside sales (or similar to). I can bet my hat that the superstar VP guy, even at a young age, was courteous, professional, ethical and respectful. You can’t get to the top without that.

So the question I have is: Why aren’t there more inside sales people who see this and emulate it????

We have little difficulty in weeding out the good guys from the bad ones, because they make it so glaringly obvious – it’s just uncomfortable and very tough working through that process because of the volume of dross you have to deal with along the way.

A word to all inside sales people hoping to make it all the way up the food chain – what you are now is what you will still be later in life – wise up!

Make a great impression and it lasts a while – make a bad one and you will be stuck with it forever.