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Interview Hacks

interview hacks

Everyone has their own interview ritual – to do what they can to be successful in progressing in their career.

1.      Match your style to what you’re trying to convey about yourself

First impressions are everything so it’s important to look the part.  Think deeper in to your clothing choices and the colours you choose. Red implies power, where as white says you’re organised, orange however, implies you’re unprofessional.  Be thoughtful about what you wear and what impression it gives off.

Regardless of what you choose to wear, make an effort to be clean and well presented.

2.      Find a common interest

Interviews are all about getting to know one another so try and find some common ground – it will also make you feel more at ease. When you have something in common with someone they’re more likely to remember you, regardless of how the rest of the interview went.  It’s always important to connect with a person before diving in and talking about yourself.

That said, make sure you stay focused on the task in hand not only building rapport.

3.      Always be honest

Don’t lie or stretch the truth about anything! Talk about what you know and what you’ve achieved, if you lie you will get caught out at some point and it will more than likely cost you the job and your reputation.

4.      Prepare but be ready to think on your feet

There is nothing more important than preparing for an interview. Rehearse your answers for questions that almost any interviewer asks but be ready to think on your feet.  If a question comes your way that you weren’t expecting take your time and think about your answer.

Prepare questions and have them written down on paper! It really makes a difference and you well ALWAYS forget something when excited or nervous.

5.      Really know the company you’re interviewing for

It’s not enough anymore to simply take a quick look at the company website.  Research the company you’re interviewing with by reading recent articles, case studies and testimonials – not just so you can show off your knowledge, but it will help you decide whether the company is really right for you.

Know the person you are meeting and others in the company – it’s easy to do the research.

6.      Don’t ignore your body language

Most people are unaware of their body language in situations of pressure, however going into an interview being conscious of your body language will give you the upper hand.  Don’t lean too far forward or cross your arms, be as relaxed as possible and make an effort to open up to the interviewer by being as honest and as knowledgeable as possible.

7.      Own your strengths and weaknesses

List your 8-10 strengths and weaknesses so you’re fully prepared to talk about each and every one of them.  Think about further strengths to balance out your weaknesses or think about things you could talk about to improve or overcome your weaknesses.

8.      Breathe

Everyone gets nervous! Take a few minutes to relax before your interview by taking deep breaths before you meet the hiring manager.

Follow the 3,4,5 method: breath in for 3 seconds – preferable though your mouth, hold the breath for 4 seconds and breath out slowly through your nose for a count of 5. Try it now, you will see how it makes you feel.

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