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The Key To Not Abandoning Your Goals

oakstone international executive search the key to not abandoning your goals

We all have goals – whether its working towards that promotion or losing a few pounds all of us have worked towards getting somewhere new.

They key to reaching goals is to have them in the first place and to put the right steps in place to reach them.  Follow Zig Ziglars goal setting chart for assistance.

Once you’ve created your goals it’s up to you to stay motivated and achieve them!

What’s the difference between someone who succeeds and someone who doesn’t? We know it’s all about perseverance and motivation however a new study shows that the more we sense were falling short of a goal – the more likely we are to tend to abandon ship too early.

A recent study in dieting supports this assertion.

Two groups of respondents, all on a diet, were asked to show up to a research facility without having eaten beforehand. They were then given a slice of pizza of the same size. One group was told their piece of pizza was larger than the other groups (even though it wasn’t) in an attempt to make that group believe they had blown their dieting goals for the day. Both groups were then given cookies and asked to rate the cookies.

But the researchers weren’t interested in their opinions on the cookies, they just wanted to see how many cookies each group of dieters would eat.

The group that believed they had eaten the larger slice of pizza and thus had ruined their dieting goals for the day ate over 50 percent more cookies.

The study indicates that when we miss an interim goal, we are much more likely to throw in the towel instead of instituting an acceptance and recovery mindset.  It’s all about perception! If you perceive your ‘mistake’ as bigger than it is it’s harder to keep going on the road to success.

So next time you have a hiccup don’t abandon ship – forget about your mistake and focus on the positive steps you’ve made!  Persevere and stay motivated and you’ll get to where you want to be!